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  • Reliable service for your peace of mind
  • Competitive pricing based on your delivery requirements
  • Simple process for uploading your deliveries
  • Choose from 3 delivery urgency options 
  • And you can track your delivery in real time
  • Download the App, and start sending!

Listing your job

 First, create your free ezeSender account

 Then fill in your details, or the details of the business sending the item

 Let us know where we’re picking up from and where it’s going

Input  the details of the item being delivered

Upload a photo of your item to be delivered

Choose a time that works for you

Non-business customers, set your own price

Business customers, accept the competitive price displayed

Review and accept bids for your job

 Review the bids for your job  made by our ezeMovers

Check out ezeMover star ratings to see how others have rated their service

 Select the ezeMover whose profile and price match your needs

Let’s get the item delivered

Use our eze payment options

Indicate whether you want contactless delivery, or signature upon delivery arrival

Your item will then be picked up by our professional ezeMover

 Track the progress of your delivery  in the app until it arrives at its destination

 After delivery confirmation, please give the ezeMover a star rating

It’s that Eze!


Easy to navigate

Post a job

Accept a bid

Track your delivery

People that are making the Sendeze community awesome!

Secure online payments

Every delivery is cashless! Payment options include credit or debit card, and PayPal. Once the delivery ends, your securely-stored payment method is automatically charged.

Great Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind with insurance for all deliveries! If you’d like to increase your insurance cover on particular deliveries, you’ll be able to do so at the checkout.

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