About Us - SendEze



Sendeze has revolutionised the traditional Pick up and Delivery carrier industry.
Sendeze Senders set the proce for their delivery, and our platform allows direct interaction between the ezeSender (people that require items delivered) and the ezeMover (people who have the means to deliver items).


Sendeze also puts the power into the ezeSender’s hands. The ezeSender can set their prefered price for a delivery and select individual couriers based on driver ratings.


By providing an online interface for the ezeSender to advertise a delivery and ezeMovers to receive and bid on these deliveries (from either a smartphone or computer) it efficiently opens opportunities for anyone wanting to work casually, part-time or full time as a ‘ezeMover’ by registering with online with Sendeze. Whether you are a driving professional, pensioner, university student or other Sendeze opens doors to an income source.

Sendeze is an exciting new entrant to the parcel pick up and delivery market. Our aim is to provide our customers reliable, cost effective service. No more headaches for you from expensive delivery prices, unreliable couriers who are late with pick ups , or deliver to the wrong address. With Sendeze you can load your job using our user friendly app, and then track your delivery to its destination via our mapping technology. You can also communicate with your delivery driver to ensure your delivery arrives on time, every time. It’s so eze with Sendeze!

An ezeSender logs onto their account, and creates a job for delivery. The ezeSender will be set a price that they want to pay. Thes ezeMover then has the opportunity to accept the job, and the delivery process then begins.

Our mapping techonology allows you to track the progress of your delivery until it reaches the destination point

Anyone can become a ezeMover and make money. You simply need the ability to move an item from A to B. Whether by bike, car, truck you simply login and create a ezeMover account (certain security information is required before you can start).