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How does a Sendeze mover accept my listing price?

The Sendeze mover may elect to accept your listing price or may elect to counter offer your listing price. You will be alerted and can decide whether you accept or reject the Sendeze Mover offer and wait until another Sendeze Mover accepts your listed price.

How do I set a price for my Sendeze listing?

This process will ask for specific information on the type of delivery and the service level of the delivery. In return, Sendeze will provide you with industry rate estimate for what the delivery may cost. This is a guide only. You can choose to ignore it or set your...

How do I bid on a Sendeze listing?

Have you found a Sendeze listing to bid on to become the ezemover? On the listing page fill in the $ amount you are happy to get paid to complete the listing. Remember the ezesender will have set a price. This is a good indication of the range of your bid.