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When is the last time a Sendeze Mover can accept bids?

Dependant on the service level you require, the Sendeze listing will either expire or ask if you wish to extend the pick up time. You can accept bids on your listing up to 15 minutes hours prior to pick up time. Once expired, your job will expire. A message will be...

How does the Sendeze bid process work?

A message will be sent to you from the Sendeze Mover to alert you of the counter offer. You may receive multiple offers on your listing. It will ultimately up to you to choose the Sendeze Mover based on the offer and their profile and/or feedback reviews.

How does a Sendeze mover accept my listing price?

The Sendeze mover may elect to accept your listing price or may elect to counter offer your listing price. You will be alerted and can decide whether you accept or reject the Sendeze Mover offer and wait until another Sendeze Mover accepts your listed price.