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How will I know if my item has been delivered?

There will be various status points in your Sendeze listing. Each will be updated live so that you can track via the Sendeze website if necessary. You’ll also be able to check what the current status of the Sendeze listing via my account on the Sendeze website. Completed listings will be provided with proof of delivery via email to the email listed on the job listing.

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Can I send dangerous goods?

It is forbidden to send Dangerous goods. The below list is not exhaustive. You must declare if any dangerous goods not listed below are contained or present in your listing. Laws and regulations govern the transportation of freight. Heavy penalties (including...

Having trouble entering your address?

Like the whole online world, sendeze relies heavily on the most up to date data from Google. To put it simply, if your address is not in Google then it won't appear on sendeze. You will simply need to enter your address manually as prompted. You will also need to add...

Can I cancel a Sendeze listing?

Yes, you can cancel a Sendeze listing so long as you have not accepted any Sendeze mover bids. If you have accepted a Sendeze mover bid, you will not be allowed to cancel the listing. Sendze recommend you get in touch with the Sendeze mover and discuss directly with...

Can I modify my Sendeze listing after I have submitted it?

No you cannot. Once your Sendeze listing is submitted, you will be unable to edit it. If you want edit your Sendeze listing, we recommend you cancel the listing and resubmit. You are however unable to cancel a Sendeze listing you have accepted a bid on.

How do I know if my item will be delivered safely?

Sendeze has a rating system, ratings from 1 to 5. 5 being 100% satisfaction. At the completion of each Sendeze listing, both Sendeze mover and Sendeze sender are encouraged to rate each other. This takes into account promptness of collection, delivery and...

How do I contact the Sendeze mover?

Both parties will be provided basic details to ensure you have contact if required. Sendeze have systems in place to enable you to have live access to listing. Sendeze know listings can change from time to time. You will have access to the Sendeze mover if required.