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How do I find Sendeze listings to bid on?

Using our search functionality, you’ll be able to look for Sendeze listings to collect and deliver within a radius of a given postage. You’ll also be able to search for Sendeze listings with a set price or of a particular type.

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If I register as an ezeMover, how and when do I get paid?

As part of registering as an ezeMover, you provide your bank details. All payments are paid directly into your bank account. Payment frequency is weekly, and all confirmed deliveries from Monday to Sunday in a particular week are paid on the Friday of the following...

Am I able to contact the Sendeze sender?

Once your Sendeze bid has been accepted, Sendeze will provide you with the Sendeze Sender contact details, including mobile and email. You'll be able to see these details until 3 days after the Sendeze listing period has closed.

Can I retract my Sendeze bid?

No. Once you have bid on a Sendeze listing, you cannot retract it. If your bid is accepted and you are then unable to complete it, Sendeze recommend you get in touch with the Sendeze sender imemediately to resolve the situation.

How do I bid on a Sendeze listing?

Have you found a Sendeze listing to bid on to become the ezemover? On the listing page fill in the $ amount you are happy to get paid to complete the listing. Remember the ezesender will have set a price. This is a good indication of the range of your bid.