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Can I send dangerous goods?

It is forbidden to send Dangerous goods.

The below list is not exhaustive. You must declare if any dangerous goods not listed below are contained or present in your listing. Laws and regulations govern the transportation of freight. Heavy penalties (including imprisonment) apply to sendeze senders who do not declare dangerous goods.

  • Fireworks, ammunition, firearms or explosives
  • Cylinders of compressed air, oxygen or liquid petroleum gas
  • Aerosol cans eg deodorant, shaving cream, hairspray and spray paint
  • Camping stoves, fuel containers, matches, cigarette/pipe lighters or lighter refills
  • Nail polish, colognes and perfumes
  • Diving equipment
  • Soldering irons, paint and paint thinners
  • Dry ice, specimens or samples
  • Detergents, bleaches, drain or oven cleaners
  • Fibreglass repair kits, adhesives and puncture repair kits
  • Medicines containing alcohol
  • Any type of chemical or pesticide
  • Machinery with internal combustion engines such as chainsaws, lawn mowers or garden trimmers
  • Batteries of any kind

Unsure whether an item you are listing is classified as a dangerous good? Please contact sendeze for assistance.

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